• How to Ensure That Your Upcoming Exhibit Does Justice to Your Dynamic Business

    Are you an ambitious small business owner? If so, you may be looking to expand and are considering an exhibition stand at an upcoming event. You know that you have to make an impression on your visitors, if you're going to convert them into clients and so you have to plan this very carefully. Start with visualisation and then consider what audio and visual aids you can bring in to help you. [Read More]

  • Important Tips When Choosing a Video Camera for Hire

    If you've never used a camcorder or similar type of camera before but want to rent one to record a wedding, birthday or a short film for a school project, you may get a bit overwhelmed with your many options and choices. Note a few important tips for choosing a video camera for hire so you know you get the right one for your needs. High-definition versus standard definition High-definition or HD video is typically expected by video watchers today, who often immediately notice the fuzziness and lack of colour clarity in standard definition, or SD, video. [Read More]

  • Troubleshooting Projection Problems for a Smooth Presentation

    Using a computer-based presentation system is pretty much the standard these days when it comes to any sort of teaching, training or presenting of data. While making use of a modern system certainly beats flipcharts, whiteboards and old-fashioned slides when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, there's a chance you might develop a problem when you're about to present. Fortunately, these problems aren't normally serious, and with a quick troubleshooting session, you can normally identify and solve the issue so you can get on with your presentation without delay. [Read More]